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Wonderful Aloe Vera as Diabetes Cure

The fast food and junk diets of the modern world has wreaked many health havocs in people, and it is a worrying trend. A very prevalent illness faced by many is known in the medical world as diabetes mellitus, or more commonly, diabetes. This is a top disease that caused an estimated 1.5 million deaths in the year 2012 alone!

Diabetes is a chronic condition where the blood sugar levels in are elevated to dangerously high levels. There are generally 2 types of this illness, known as Type 1 and Type 2 respectively. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce any more insulin, a substance that helps the body detect the sugar levels in the blood. Type 2 on the other hand, is caused by the body producing insufficient insulin or being unable to detect the insulin. Type 1 usually affects people at a younger age, requires a regular insulin injections, and is considered incurable. Type 2 mostly affects adults and can be reversed by following a proper food lifestyle.

It has been scientifically proven that aloe vera has a positive anti-diabetic property and also helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. The miracle plant is able to assist the body in metabolizing sugar more efficiently due to phytosterols which have a beneficial long-term effect. It is recommended to have a regular intake of aloe vera juice for relief in not just the symptoms of diabetes, but also to aid recovery from the underlying cause of those symptoms. It is of course essential for one to follow a strict diet especially for diabetics and if possible, engage in some physical activity as well.

Aloe vera also aids in a faster healing of any cuts or wounds, which can be fatal for diabetes sufferers, as the condition drastically slows down the healing process, which may lead to malicious infections. The high fiber content in aloe vera also help sustain healthy bowel movement and eliminate any toxins that may further harm a diabetic’s body. Vascular health, which may also be affected by diabetes, can be strengthened by aloe vera as it caused blood vessels to expand and enhances distribution of blood to the body.

People with both Type 1 and Type 2 can definitely look forward to taking in aloe vera for better health. The recommended serving as laid out by the scientific studies is between 5 – 10ml of aloe vera twice a day at minimum. While there is nothing wrong with consuming aloe vera slices as a refreshing chewy treat, preparing it in juice form can aid in digesting it faster so that the body can receive the nutrients more quickly.

With so many plus point of aloe vera for treating diabetes, it is hard to believe that this miracle plant not more widely touted as a great natural food option. It might be that it takes dedicated consumption and discipline over diets for it to work exceptionally well, but there should be no compromises when health is at stake. That saying about apples and doctors is overrated – choose aloe vera for a more revitalized health and well-being.

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