Colon Cancer

Aloe Vera: Colon Cancer Cure?

What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a green plant with thick leaves that are full of a gel-like substance that can be squeezed out and applied topically to the body or ingested orally. The gel’s cooling properties are famous for their use in treating burns and other skin irritations, and the plant’s natural properties make it an organic and soothing product. Aloe is a member of the lily family and originates from West Africa, however, it is now a very common plant all across the world due to its attractiveness and its useful properties.

However, did you know that aloe has features that make it a potential treatment for colon cancer, among other cancers? Aloe’s chemical and genetic structure has given it beneficial properties that have serious and positive effects on colon cancer. This post will explain some of the chief benefits of aloe as a medication and show some examples of aloe in action.

Aloe is organic and natural.

First off, one of Aloe’s chief benefits as a colon cancer cure is that it is a natural solution. For those of us who don’t like to inject ourselves with chemicals, aloe’s potential to heal without toxins makes it a very appealing option that’s inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Aloe is helpful for radiotherapy for burns.

One of aloe’s topical uses is to soothe burns, which has made it a popular treatment for radiotherapy burns on the skin during chemotherapy. If you choose chemotherapy for your colon cancer treatment, the damage to your skin can be painful, and aloe is a very pleasant and cooling gel to put on your skin that will help you heal and improve your quality of life.

Aloe generates cancer killing chemicals.

The real meat of aloe’s power, however, isn’t in its topical and organic applications, it’s in the natural chemicals from the plant that stimulate cancer-fighting cells that destroy colon cancer from within.

Acemannan, a substance derived from the leaf of the aloe vera plant, has been proven to stimulate mouse immune systems to produce cytokines, which are cancer-fighting chemicals. Another study examined aloeride, a starch compound within aloe vera gel, and found that it encouraged the immune system to make cancer-killing cytokines. These tests are very exciting, because these substances could help our own bodies fight colon cancer off, rather than dependent on outside chemotherapy that can be so damaging and painful.

Here’s a final study to demonstrate the positive effects of aloe on colon cancer and other cancers. In 2009, a study used aloe vera in a test alongside chemo, where half the patients took aloe arborescens three times per day while they underwent their chemotherapy. They found that the cancer was controlled in 67% of patients who had both aloe and chemotherapy, compared to only half the other participants.

The future of aloe usage in cancer treatments for colon and other types of cancer is exciting and promising. Science is constantly evolving and seeking new treatments, and the use of organic plants and materials to treat hostile cancers is a broadening field. If you have cancer, always go to a doctor, but consider using aloe as a natural and risk-free treatment for your symptoms.

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