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Uses of aloe are unlimited whether it is in cosmetics, food, medicine or any other field. With many companies in the market that offer aloe products, it becomes difficult to choose right products of aloe. The question arises how to choose Aloe Vera products that are right for you. There are some points to consider while buying such products so that you get the best value for your money. There is much disparity both with respect to consistency and quality of these products. Not all of the products are alike. For users of Aloe Vera, there are some standards set to get the effective and pure brand. Read below to find an answer of how to choose.

Halal Seal of approval

M Halal CertificationTo ensure it does not come from any non-halal ingredients and prepared in a halal manner. Also for the best quality.

Aloe Percentage

The popularity of Aloe Vera has increased over years, and so is the demand for its products. It has resulted in products of poor quality from various companies. Such products contain very less percentage of Aloe Vera by volume. So avoid products containing lower aloe percentage. Although such products contain lower aloe percentage, their marketing is done with positive and extensive effects of higher aloe quantity. There is a huge disparity with respect to potency, purity, efficacy and quantity of aloe in these products. Products containing higher amounts of aloe are much powerful than those with lesser amounts so before selecting one. Ensure it contains higher ration of aloe. It can be done easily by reading the ingredients. If it would contain higher aloe, a name of Aloe Vera will appear as top most ingredients on its ingredients panel. As per law, ingredients must be labeled with respect to volume.

International Aloe Science Council Approved Products

cert_sealIASC Seal is another means of checking the product`s quality. IASC is the regulatory body that that monitors aloe quantity in respective products. If you find their seal on product`s container it is an indication of this product`s quality. This not- profit organization is a worldwide standard for Aloe industry.

Aloe Processing

Another thing that answers how to choose is to consider processing of Aloe. Always make sure to buy a product in which use is made of cold processed inner leaf of Aloe Vera. Products containing Aloe Vera that is extracted or reconstituted is less potent as compared to products containing over 98% pure Aloe Vera.

Guarantee of Manufacturers

Guarantee of manufacturers means that they are confident with the quality of their products that they will refund if the product is not up to expectation. This guarantee should ideally be not less than 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty-Free-Leaping-BunnyThere are many Aloe products that are used for pets and horses. It has been shown by veterinary professional via investigations that Aloe effectively treats skin problems, internal disorders and joint problems in equines. Make sure that the products you are using have not been tested on animals.

Polysaccharide Potency

Polysaccharides are the complex sugars within Aloe which provide important health benefits. Higher heat and improper techniques of processing break these chains of polysaccharides. It renders these products ineffective. To enjoy best benefits, select Aloe brand that contains higher polysaccharide potency that is approved independently by IACL (International-Aloe-Certification-Laboratories).

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