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Aloe Vera Plant

What is an Aloe Vera Plant?

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The aloe plant is a God-given plant that has numerous health and medical benefits both internally and externally for humans. There are about 200-400 species of aloe plants and majority of it originates from Africa. Aloes come in a variety of sizes, some as miniatures (an inch) and some grow into colonies of hundreds as a massive 2-foot diameter plant.  All aloe species are semi-tropical succulent plants where they strive only in places with no snow or indoors (or anywhere that does not have freezing temperatures)

Most of the species are blessed with some form of medicinal and commercial value however, among them one champions above all; Aloe Barbedensis Miller or commonly known as Aloe Vera.

Did You Know? Hummingbirds’ favourite food is none other than the nectar from Aloe flowers.

The many names of Aloe Species

Aloe Vera Records Throughout History

Known to be among the most powerful and well-known plant having medicinal importance; its use in past and present has been traced to various civilizations including ancient Mediterranean, Chinese, Greece, Egypt, Rome, India and much more!

Ancient records found and prove that aloe vera as its therapeutic advantages and healing properties were known for centuries dating back over 4000 years ago! The earliest record of this beneficial plant is on a Sumerian tablet dating back 2100BC ago. While in Egypt, antiquity was discovered in 1862 on an Egyptian papyrus dated 1550 BC where Egyptians Queens used it for their physical beauty. This plant is also mentioned in the bible as used for fragrance, incense and as offering!

Nowadays it has a much stronger global reputation for its use of cosmetics especially for the treatment of sunburn and burns, fighting against cell aging and for wound healing. Scientists have recognized its unique benefits regarding medicinal purposes. This miracle plant is widely used by herbalists for combating constipation and for cleaning intestinal flora. It is also used for reinforcing immune system & improving blood circulation.

Important Characteristics of Aloe Vera Plant

It is a short height plan covering a few surface area. Standing at 60-90cm fully grown, in its first stage the leaves are of 2-3cm in diameter but once the plan is mature it can be up to 7-10cm an becomes thick. It also has small white teeth-like thorns on their edges of the leaves. However the flowers produced in this plant are on significant height. The flowers can be seen in summer. The leaves are filled with white meat or also called gel. This can be considered as the useful pulp of plant which is sometimes directly applied on skin. The leaves and seeds are the only parts that are edible.

4 layers that make up the aloe leaf

Medicinal usage

7-steps To Grow Your own Aloe Vera Plant

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