Aloe Vera Gel For Acne

One of the most common skin problems today is none other than acne. This irritation occurs when the skin pores are clogged due to excess oil, bacteria and dead cells. It mostly appears on the face, back and chest within red colored pimples. This miraculous plant treats acne and also assists in the treatment of sunburn, burns, healing of wounds, cuts and minor abrasions. Its leaf contains thick clear gel-like pulp. This pulp is applied to affected areas for getting fast relief from skin problems.

Aloe Vera gel is effective for following reasons;

  • It contains polysaccharides and gibberellins hormones and has anti-bacterial properties. It thus helps to kill acne causing bacteria
  • Being a natural astringent it helps in removal of excessive oil, dead cells and dirt that further cause clogs to the skin pores hence leading to bacterial infection
  • Cell growth is stimulated so that damaged skin heals faster with lessening scars
  • The gel has anti-inflammatory properties for reducing inflammation, pain and redness due to acne and acts as a soothing agent as well
  • With its pain inhibiting attributes, it reduces pain upon its application affected areas. It eases inflammation and penetrates deeply & blocks pain within deep layers.
  • Scars are effectively reduced as it contains powerful antioxidants within its gel. It reduces pain and men’s skin quite well
  • It contains vitamin C & E and zinc that reduce scars quickly

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Home made remedies for Acne

There are many ways in which aloe vera gel is used. Some of the remedies for the treatment of acne can be homemade. It is the cheapest solution as this plant is easily available that solves acne problems better than any other cure.  You can use it for a treatment of acne of the face, chest, scalp, back or any part of the skin.

Remedy #1 – Only with Aloe Vera Gel

This plant alone contains all properties for an elimination of acne. Take the fresh leaf of Aloe Vera and squeeze for extracting its gel. Rub, this gel upon the acne, affected skin part. This process should be repeated twice per day for one week to eliminate acne.

Remedy #2 – Lemon & Aloe Vera Gel

Take the fresh leaf and extract its “meat”. Put it in a blender for making the finest gel. Some lime or lemon drops are to be added. Blend it again to mix ingredients. Put this fresh lotion in a bottle and place in refrigerator. At every night before sleeping, apply this paste as a mask on the face. In the morning wash off a face. This process is to be regularly repeated till relief from scars and acne is finally achieved.


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