Aloe Vera For Hair

Aloe_Vera_Image__14Aloe Barbadensis Miller or commonly known as Aloe Vera is hypothesized to contain over 100 beneficial nutrients. It is no surprise that health institutions and companies heavily research and produce natural hair products embedded with aloe vera as their main ingredient.

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Hair Health Maintenance, Hair Growth and Hair Loss Prevention

Enzymes from aloe vera promotes hair growth. For instance, the Proteolytic enzymes found in aloe with its keratolytic action treats the scalp by eradicating and breaking down sebum and dead skin cells that clog the follicle, that blocks nutrient absorption to the scalp. With the Sebum and dead skin cells removed, will also promote hair growth. Additionally, with it’s alkalizing attribute, balances the pH level on the scalp to a desirable level, which further promotes hair growth and also moisturizes the scalp.

Itchy & Inflamed Scalp

Having itchy scalp? With aloe’s anti-pruritic properties, not only will it alleviate itchy scalp but also ailments such as psoriasis (an auto-immune disease that produces excessive skin cells) and eczema on scalp and skin. As mentioned above, the proteolytic enzymes eliminate excessive dead skin cells from the scalp which reduces itchiness while Bradykinase and analesgic anti-inflammation enzymes (calming properties) along with salicylic acid (aspirin-like composite) help sooth inflammation on the scalp.

Prevents Dandruff

With all its beneficial enzymes mentioned above, it moisturizes the scalp and eliminates oiliness which prevents dryness and dandruff. Besides the usual case of dandruffs, there are cases where the dandruff is being caused by a fat-eating fungus medically known as malassezia which strives on an acidic environment on the scalp. Fortunately, aloe with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can eliminate fungal/bacterial growth due to its alkalizing effects that not only makes it impossible for fungus to grow but also eliminating it completely.

Hair Conditioner

Aloe acts as an amazing agent that restores hair shine and health, resulting in a fuller volume and silky smooth hair. Substances in this plant are similar to the chemical substance keratin which helps absorption and easy penetration of other nutrients such as amino acids (protein chain) that helps strengthen the hair.

Natural Strength & Beauty Restoration on Hair

Containing all the essential nutrients and vitamins, coupled with deep penetration (up to 7 layers deep into the scalp), will undoubtedly restore and promote hair strength and health. Coupled with other super ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera is a must to have as a shampoo and conditioner. View products here.

Damaged Hair

With all the benefits stated above, aloe vera can most certainly repair and restore damaged hair in just a short amount of time. With its enzymes that aids deep penetration combined with natural nutrients and vitamins, you will be reinstated with your crown of glory in no time. Aloe shampoos cures every single strand of hair, and reinforces the outer layer, while clearing the scalp off dead cells and bacteria; all your hair needs to rejuvenate and maintain its health.


For men, worry not. Aloe, with all its powerful benefits mentioned above can reduce and even reverse the balding process with regular usage.


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With its gel-like substance that has a similar chemical attribute to keratin (a protein naturally found in hair cells), allows for easier and deeper penetrations to the entire hair shaft. It has been proven that our skin can absorb aloe vera nutrients up to 7 layers deep. The scalp which is more absorbent will greatly benefit from all the nutrients such as the amino acids that are building blocks for scalp and hair. As aforementioned, aloe vera its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties will not only moisturize your hair but also be at its peak of health with good hair volume.

Below are some of the best aloe vera hair products designed to fit any situation:


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Aloe Jojoba shampooAloe-Jojoba Shampoo

A gentle, pH balanced shampoo that employs Aloe Vera to penetrate deeply to wash away impurities from the scalp and slough off dead skin cells, allowing restoration of healthy tissues. Jojoba oil helps lubricate hair, giving you soft, manageable hair. Suitable for all hair types.



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sonya-hydrate-shampooSonya Hydrate Shampoo

Quench your hair with Sonya® Hydrate Shampoo, the perfect start to your hair care routine. This moisture-enriched shampoo has a unique, ultra-hydrating formulation that leaves hair more resilient and energized, with increased body and shine.




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sonya-volume-shampooSonya Volume Shampoo

When your hair needs a pick-me-up, Sonya Volume Shampoo is the solution. Our exclusive formulation gives your hair full volume and shine with just the right balance of body and control.





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Aloe_Jojoba_Conditioning_RinsePICAloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse

Designed to be used after our Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo, we have created an Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse that cares gently and effectively for your hair. The unique combination of stabilized aloe vera gel and jojoba, an agent to remove electrostatic charges, conditions the hair to give it a feeling of freshness and a look of silky elegance.



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sonya-hydrate-conditionerSonya Hydrate Conditioner

Sonya® Hydrate Conditioner moisturizes, detangles and softens dry, brittle hair, increasing manageability and leaving hair with a luminous shine. It is the perfect companion to Sonya Hydrate Shampoo.




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sonya-volume-conditionerSonya Volume Conditioner

Sonya® Volume Conditioner is the perfect complement to Sonya® Volume Shampoo. Our exclusive formula boosts volume, thickness and increases lift while leaving hair with superb softness, manageability, and shine.




For Styling

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Styling-GelAloe Styling Gel

This revolutionary aloe-based, multi-use styling gel fortifies and repairs your hair while giving you the flexibility to create any style you choose. Whether you finger-style, air-dry or blow-dry your hair, Forever Aloe Styling Gel is ideal for any hair type and look. Furthermore, it’s chemical free and safe to use compared to commercial hair gel which might cause hair loss and cancer.




[su_spoiler title=”DIY Aloe Vera For Hair and Scalp Health”]

We all know what benefits we can get from the ever-so-famous Aloe Vera when it comes to skin care. However, Aloe Vera benefits for hair care are innumerable and are worth acknowledging. It is considered as one of the most effective ways of adding superb shine and freshness to your hair and keeping your scalp and hair well-hydrated. You can keep many stubborn hair problems like hair fall, dandruff away by regularly using Aloe Vera as a hair conditioner. However, many do not know how to use Aloe Vera for hair the right way. Here is a detailed way of applying aloe vera for hair and scalp health


Get few pieces of Aloe Vera from the plant and extract the pulp (meat) inside the leaves. The amount you will need depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Get the Aloe Vera leaves accordingly.


  • Now make a fine paste of the pulp extracted from the leaves by putting it into the blender. This paste becomes a gel after being strained.
  • Now wash your hair with a good quality shampoo. Then apply this gel thoroughly onto the scalp and completely on your hair.
  • Leave the gel on for a few minutes, preferably for about 5 minutes. Cover your hair with a plastic cap or hot towel if possible.
  • Wash all the gel away properly and allow your hair to dry.

This routine if continued regularly, will give better results than any other hair care products available nowadays. Its benefits are as follows:

Other benefits

  • Hair gets instant shine and softness
  • Vitamin-E enriched Aloe Vera gel will moisturize and hydrate your scalp and increase blood circulation.
  • It provides deep conditioning to your scalp.
  • It decreases the chances of hair fall.
  • It relieves the itchy scalp and removes dandruff.
  • It makes your hair silky smooth and also increases your hair length.


 Extra Tips:

Be very careful while cutting the Aloe Vera leaves as the spikes along the edges of its leaves can hurt you. Make sure you allow the extracted gel to rest for a while before applying to your hair and scalp. It will give you the clearest gel free from all the sediments floating over. Also keep the cut leaves in a separate bowl after using for saving all the precious gel from being wasted. These few tips will make your Aloe Vera hair care experience much more effective and nourishing. You can also blend this gel with different kinds of natural products for making some extremely beneficial hair masks, and these masks will give you even greater benefits for healthy hair growth. Even if you add Aloe Vera to your diet, you can get this natural goodness added to your body as well and will feel nourished in a wholesome manner.

Benefits Summary

  • Relieves scalp itchiness, redness & inflammation
  • Retains water and moisturizers
  • Alleviates and prevents dandruff
  • Adds natural strength and restorers hair volume
  • Repairs damaged Hair
  • Prevents and reverse balding
  • Balances pH
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial properties

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