Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera a Miraculous Plant

aloe vera

Nobody ever thought that the little shrub of Aloe Vera has some wonderful properties. In the Ancient times, people had believe that Aloe Vera dubbed as “Immortal Plant” has spiritual powers that can treat almost every disease and heal every negative effects from this miraculous plant. In our current times, it is now backed by science on that belief. So much so that aloe plant has been converted into various beneficial forms for consumption and also for external application. The two main categories are:

  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Aloe Vera Gel (medicated creams, lotions, toothpaste)

Aloe Vera is also the main ingredient in most of the cosmetic products because of its anti-aging property.

Even in today’s modern world the science has acknowledged its unlimited benefits. Below mentioned are some of the benefits:

Benefits of Aloe Vera in daily life

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Hair Health Maintenance and Hair Loss

Enzymes from aloe vera promotes hair growth. For instance, the Proteolytic enzymes found in aloe with its keratolytic action treats the scalp by eradicating and breaking down sebum and dead skin cells. With it’s alkalizing attribute, balances the pH level on the scalp which promotes hair growth and also moisturizes the scalp.

Itchy & Inflamed Scalp

Having itchy scalp? With aloe’s anti-pruritic properties, not only will it alleviate itchy scalp but also ailments such as psoriasis and eczema on scalp and skin. As mentioned above, the proteolytic enzymes eliminate excessive dead skin cells from the scalp which reduces itchiness and inflammation on the scalp which directly benefits hair health.

Prevents Dandruff

With it’s many enzymes, it moisturizes the scalp and eliminates oiliness which prevents dryness and dandruff.

Hair Conditioner

Aloe acts as an amazing agent that restores hair shine and health, resulting in a fuller volume and silky smooth hair. Substances in this plant is similar to the chemical substance keratin which helps absorption and easy penetration of other nutrients such as amino acids (protein chain) that helps strengthen the hair.

Natural Strength & Beauty Restoration on Hair

Containing all the essential nutrients and vitamins, coupled with deep penetration (up to 7 layers deep into the scalp), will undoubtedly restore and promote hair strength and health. Coupled with other super ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera is a must to have as a shampoo and conditioner. View products here.

Damaged Hair

With all the benefits stated above, aloe vera can most certainly repair and restore damaged hair in just a short amount of time. With it’s enzymes that aids deep penetration combined with natural nutrients and vitamins, you will be reinstated with your crown of glory in no time. Aloe shampoos cures every single strand of hair, and reinforces the outer layer, while clearing the scalp off dead cells and bacteria; all your hair needs to rejuvenate and maintain it’s health.


For men, worry not. Aloe, with all its powerful benefits mentioned above can reduce and even reverse the balding process with regular usage.

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Inflammation and redness (Acne)

With it’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, applying the gel/paste/juice on acne will greatly reduce inflammation and redness of the acne and which will eventually lead to acne cure. Daily application on the skin on face also prevents the outbreak of acne and pimples.

Swollen Lips Healing

Known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in reducing lips swelling.

Face Mask

Aloe Vera Gel can also be used as a face mask by applying the gel evenly to the face and to let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Gently massage the face for a few minutes after before rinsing. You will instantly see glowing complexion and a tighter skin.

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Inflammation, Wounds & Burns treatment

The body’s first indicator to injury or something gone wrong is through inflammation. This damage can be a result from physical injuries (eg. burnt, cut) or chemical reactions (eg. cholesterol, acid). What aloe can offer is its anti-inflammatory prowess which significantly reduces inflammation via its steroidal contents like salicylic acid and salt salicylates that inhibits the prostaglandins hormone production (causes inflammation). Salicylic acid acts like a natural aspirin that destroys bacteria causing inflammation.

For Skin & Skin Issues

With its proteolytic enzymes and keratolytic action rejuvenates the skin by eradicating and breaking down sebum and dead skin cells. As with the scalp, so with the skin, aloe’s alkalizing attribute, balances the pH level on the skin and also moisturizes the scalp.

The anti-allergic dominance of aloe can be used to treat skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin and many more.

Natural Moisturizer

Aloe gel keeps the skin hydrated and increases it elasticity by providing sufficient oxygen to the skin that strengthens skin tissue for a healthy skin. In addition, aloe moisturizes the skin without making it greasy or sticky so it is also best for oily skin conditions. Plus all the vitamins and minerals couple with enzymes for deep penetration to the skin, your skin will not only glow but be firmer and healthier.

Stretch Marks (cellulite) & Sunburns

Containing these two powerful hormones, Axim and Gibberellins, lies its power to heal sunburns and also to shield the skin from harmful rays and to protect the skin for accelerated healing from any small cuts (eg. shaving). With this hormones and effects also heals stretch marks which is basically injured cells due to rapid stretches.

Firm Skin

With it’s plethora of antioxidants such as beta carotene, vitamins C and amino acids, it improves natural firmness of the skin and also re-hydrates it which correlates to skin elasticity eliminating wrinkles.


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Oral Health Treatment

With it’s anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, it helps promote gum health and prevent bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. It also coats the teeth to protect it from sensitivity and teeth blackening from cigarettes, teas and coffee.

Intestinal issues treatment & digestion aid

Aloe Vera Juice once consumed, has the ability to cleanses the digestive system (click here to watch the video) which aids in better nutrient absorption. Containing high quality and plenty of fibers, works as a laxative which makes food particles pass through the intestine with ease to prevent constipation. Consuming this miracle juice regularly will definitely detoxify the body especially in the intestine. It also neutralises acidity and inflammation which may cause intestinal ulcers or colon cancer and many more stomach and intestinal diseases.

Immune System Booster

Consuming aloe vera juice also enhances the immune system. Packed with antioxidants, it supports the eradication of free radicals that causes diseases and speeding the aging process. Thus consuming this miracle juice daily will keep you not only healthy, not only look younger but actually get younger!

Female Reproductive System benefits with Aloe Juice

Consuming aloe juice helps rejuvenates the uterus and is especially helpful for those suffering painful menstrual cycles.

Respiratory Disorder treatments

With its high content of Vitamin C and plenty more nutrients and minerals coupled with immune boosting properties, aloe juice can be use to treat respiratory ailments such as cold, flu, bronchitis, running nose, coughs and many other respiratory disorders.


Consumption of aloe vera juice also helps to lower blood sugar level by increasing insulin sensitivity while lowering the triglyceride levels in the liver and bloodstream which causes cholesterol. So this miracle juice is highly beneficial for not only diabetes but also other ailments such as cholesterol.

Weight Loss

It also helps to stimulate metabolism which makes body burn off more calories

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