About Us

Know a family member or a friend that has some health issues? Acne problems? Uric acid problem? Diabetes? Or even someone battling cancer?

You may have search online for alternative remedies or supplements to improve one’s health. Search no more! There is a God-given plant that can help support and even cure most illnesses with the right knowledge and applications. This miracle plant is none other than Aloe Vera! To find out more about this rejuvenation plant, click here.

Still on this page? You may be wondering, “why aloe vera instead of any other plant?”

Answer: Well, we’ve looked into other plants and even other sources of natural products and found out that Aloe Vera benefits, top it all. With almost instant improvements. Not only recovering outer body but also inner healing.

To top that off, we’ve also identified some other good ol’ naturale products that can compliment aloe vera, such as honey from bees and other-stand alone nutrients such as omega-3 from fish oils and olive oil to combat cholesterol. To find out more about our products, click here.


Just A Little About Us

imageedit_2_52501240852Aloe Vera Malaysia – owned by AVM Enterprise was founded in 2015 by two young ordinary working adults. Jeffrey and Gabriel. We notice our colleagues, family and friends around us falling sick due to stress, some due to unbalanced diet, some battling weight loss while the younger friends suffer acne problems, scars or cellulite.

Inspired to help them, we stumbled upon this nourishing plant and wanted to spread this throughout Malaysia, our homeland. What better way than to bring it online and spread the good news!

Aloe Vera Malaysia has two main objectives:

Mission: To provide the best quality aloe vera products for healthy living

Vision: To become Malaysia’s one-stop site to bring awareness on the importance of healthy living with aloe vera


A Little About The Product

Thank you for reading this far. After intensive search, the product brand that has been tested by time (more than 30 years) and has beyond doubt help plenty (testimonials archive), is none other than the Forever Living brand which originated from the United States; founded by an entrepreneur who like most Malaysians, is passionate about helping others.

There are plenty of aloe vera products sold on shelves but after careful inspection, please be aware that most of it contains very little real aloe vera. While products from Forever Living not only get their aloe vera from the best species but is also certified (click here to learn more) with all their products to have a minimum of 40% aloe content and above only.


Financial opportunity

Congratulations on reading until the end. Would you like to help others and at the same time achieve financial freedom?

Or would you like to purchase this products at a wholesale discount of up to 48%? Why not Join Us and let’s help our fellow Malaysians be healthy, stay healthy and turn wealthy together!

For inquiries, please contact us call/wechat/line/whatsapp us at +6011-1988 6887 or email us at [email protected]

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